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The Bagel Wiki - Home of Bagelers everywhereEdit

This Wiki is for those who worship Bagels. All Bagel Eaters are welcome. Believe it or not, there is actually quite a lot of serious Bagel related content contained here, so, if you're feeling serious, bear with me. Otherwise...

Hating, trolling, and spamming aren't tolerated. Simply Bagel on, and Bagel hard, and everyone will like you.

A message from the Bagel LordEdit

Hello there, I am Señor Bagel, The Bagel Lord. This Wiki was created so that we Bagelers have somewhere to worship our favourite food, the epic, the awesome, the very, very Very VEry VERy VERY V E R Y tasty BAGEL!

I hope that you enjoy this site and may the bagels be with you!

How Bagels are made-0

How Bagels are made-0

An informative video of a Bagel production line